Herriman High

Business Academy

"She is an awesome student! I only wish she wasn't a senior so she could do more, compete better, and get more out of what we offer here."

Each year brings this one moment of incredible frustration - how can we get those awesome students a little earlier? The answer has been to impelement a focused pathway in Three Main Areas:

      1. Digital Media and Design
      2. Marketing and Entrepreneurship
      3. Finance and Accounting

If you enjoy finding out when you might actually use all those Literary Skills, Math equations, or Historical Perspectives our classes bring it all together in project oriented solutions. Educational excursions, student-directed events, and portfolio pieces are the hallmarks of our courses.

Competitions in student clubs like DECA, FBLA, Skills-USA, or TSA provide both leadership experiences and opportunities to dig deeper and to conquer other schools in an academic environment!

We know that business is not for everyone, but if it is for you we invite you to look over the three paths and jump in with enthusiasm!

Download our Enhanced Diploma Pathway Guide to chart your way through our suggested English Classes, Math offerings, Extra-curricular Activities.