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Mr. James Hirst loves to read and has early, formative memories of Dr. Seuss, Nancy Drew, and Encyclopedia Brown.  Though many subjects and genres fascinate Mr. Hirst (from Cryptozoology to Quantum Theory, Biographies to Westerns), his imagination is ignited by epic fantasy.  Mr. Hirst highly recommends David & Leigh Eddings, Stan Lee, R. A. Salvatore, and Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman; they are also his go-to authors when he wants to visit old friends and conquer evil.  Mr. Hirst also rolls the occasional d20 (and fondly remembers THAC0).
  • 2004 Weber State University - Bachelors of Science: English w/Creative Writing Emphasis (Minor in Professional & Technical Writing)
  • 2009 University of Idaho - Masters of English: Composition & Rhetoric
  • 2004 - Metaphor, Weber State University’s Literary Journal.
  • 2008 - Pacific Northwest American Studies Association Conference. “Madness as Migration: Self and Place [...]”
  • 2009 - Pacific Northwest American Studies Association Conference. “Indian Killer: Fiction or Nonfiction? [...]
    2009 - "The Internet Sequential Art Revolution: and Webcomics as Cultural Literature" (Masters Thesis)
Teaching Experience:
  • 2009-Current - Utah Higher Education: Adjunct English Instructor
  • 2017-2020 - Merit College Preparatory Academy: English 10
  • 2020-Current - Herriman High School: English 10