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Work Based Learning, CTE Internship & Job Board

Work Based Learning (WBL) activities are an integral part of Jordan School District Career and Technical (CTE) programs. All students at the high school level (grades 10-12) have opportunities to participate in the following activities. These activities allow for career awareness, exploration, and preparation in coordination with school-based learning activities. Listed below are descriptions of WBL activities and how students can participate. 

  • Guest speaker: These are business professionals or industry specialists who come into the classroom or present to a class virtually about a specific career area. 

  • Business tours: A field trip, done in person or virtually, allows students to visit community work sites for career awareness and exploration. 

  • Capstone Project/Mentoring/Externship: This WBL activity takes the deepest dive into career exploration as students work alongside an industry professional to complete a capstone project or field experience. Completed carefully with mentorship from both the classroom teacher and industry professional, students gain work experience as a classroom project.

  • Job Shadow:  A work site experience where a student spends time, typically three to six hours, one-on-one with an employee observing daily activities and asking questions about the job and industry

  • Career Fair:  Employers representing various industry or career areas are invited to come to the schools where they set up booths, displays and present about various aspects of the represented occupation or industry.

  • Career Planning Activities: Career planning activities allow students to begin preparing the skills gained in their classroom for career preparation. These include: resume building, LinkedIn workshops, mock interviews, job fairs, etc and must be done senior year through school-wide workshops, CTE classes, or under the mentorship of a business professional. 

  • Internship/Apprenticeship: The Internship experience is an actual class taught to juniors and seniors during 4th or 8th period. Students enroll in this class after basic career exploration in a career area has been completed. In order to get a more in depth look at this career, students volunteer for an employer for a specified period of time (40 hours/semester) Internship programs extend formal classroom learning into the community.

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